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    ZHANGZHOU YST BOND MATERIALS CO., LTD. is a professional Taiwanese manufacturer for chemical building and decoration materials. With more than 25 years of continuous innovation and advancement, we are dedicated to develop innovative and groundbreaking eco-friendly building products for the construction material industry. Our professional expertise is the strongest backing for YSTBOND to become the leading brand in high-quality building materials. We serve to contribute to the society by developing products that elevates our living environment and improve our household quality.
    YST BOND is a professional manufacturer for a series of chemical building material such as glossy tile grout, crystal adhesive, self-leveling tile grout, joint master, epoxy adhesive and epoxy putty. With our leading professional expertise, we provide speedy service andsuperior products to the market and established our brand as the market leader. We pay great attention to details and focus on providing excellent solutions for our clients. YSTBOND is the reliable total solution for hoteliers and household decorations in tile grouting and edge sealing.  
    After more than ten years of continuous efforts and innovation, YST BOND has established us as the widely acclaimed brand in the building material industry. Our professional expertise leads in developing eco-friendly building materials and orientates the direction of market development.  All products are qualified by GB 18583-2008 Indoor Decorating and Refurbishing Materials and Certification by ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. It is our honor to be the sole enterprise that was awarded the 2015 Technology Innovation Award by China’s Building and Decoration Materials Association.Internationally, YST BOND’s product trail covers Europe, America, Middle East, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. Domestically, we have been widely recognized by our domestic distributors and dealers and recommended as the Leading Brand for Sealing and Tile Grouting in China.



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