About us
About us


Focus on the production and development of chemical building materials and decorative materials

With the technology of the same industry, better than the products of the same industry, faster than the service of the industry, focusing on the details of the solution

Our company specializes in the production of a series of new materials for ceramic tile seams, such as Lishi stick white white crystal, porcelain, matt color porcelain, epoxy color sand grout, epoxy rhinestone porcelain, color seam porcelain, beautiful seam porcelain Glue, crystal diamond glue, self-flowing porcelain, seam masters and other products completely solve the troubles of the dirty black and mildew of the tile gap for a long time, so that the gap between the tiles is bright, such as porcelain, lasting as new, anti-mildew and antibacterial. We are better at our peers in technology, better than our peers, faster than our peers, and focused on detailed solutions. Our products have been widely used in home decoration ceramic tile seams, kitchen bathroom edge banding and hotel decoration manufacturers.